10 Elevated Basics You Need This Fall

Top 10 Elevated Basics


Zen says: live through the small things and you will achieve greatness. Success coaches have their own variation of the same principle: take a small step at a time, consciously and steadily, and you will get anywhere you envision. That’s right, it’s time to get back to basics.

It seems to be all abut raising the quality bar on the simplest things in life, and making all moments special ones. It explains why basics are having a moment as of late. More than just a t-shirt or solid coloured button up, basics are now elevated, and show up to the party as high quality tailored pieces in luxe fabrics.

One may say that your style is as strong as the statement value of your basics. Luxe basics like these are the definition of a fashion investment. Timelessness goes a long way (more minimalism than normcore, of course).

Here’s the list of top ten elevated basics you’ll need this Fall:


– Black, white, or tan tank top in crepe-like fabric
– White short sleeved tee in modal, rayon, or any super-soft sleek fabric
– Buttoned-up shirt-dress in solid neutral color
– Oversized knit
– Extra long vest (think ankles), preferably belted or buttoned
– Black jogger in a relaxed fit
– Leather or suede bomber jacket
– Leather or suede pencil skirt
– Girlfriend or boyfriend jeans in a vintage-inspired wash
– Skinny denim in a black, dark blue, or grey wash


The best neutral color for you will depend on your skin tone. White goes well with everyone, but you may want to avoid all black or light tan near your face if you are too fair. Go for taupes in this case. Darker and warmer skin tones may leverage suede hues as a basic.

Look for minimalist detailing such as raw edges, curved or asymmetrical hemlines, well-placed pockets, and unique-yet-subtle sleeves (raglan, butterfly).

Regardless of what you end up mixing and matching, it’s both comforting and stylishly secure to be able to pull out your sleek long button up to elevate all of your denim. You can also count on the well-cut cotton white tee to slip under your fall leather jacket and in fact boost the overall sexiness of the outfit.

Now, for the best way to achieve an ideal and fabulous collection of elevated basics: embrace zen, and make it a process. Keep on pruning the bad herbs in your wardrobe garden and start nurturing an elevated simplicity that makes you bloom.