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Who We Are

FAMEDROP is a Montreal-based multi-brand online store built for North American women who enjoy enhancing their personal style with amazing styles by premium global brands.

We curate several labels to offer you the best of each collection season over season. All our styles are carefully chosen in order to add the maximum amount of value and elevation to your wardrobe. We value fit, quality, timelessness, and uniqueness.

Our community is made by those who like to work and play with an edge of wit and aesthetic purpose.

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The Name

The whole FAMEDROP story has been inspired by a specific work by Chinese artist and activist Ai WeiWei. In the triptych that propelled his fame, Ai WeiWei photographed himself dropping and smashing a 2,000 year-old Han dynasty urn. By literally breaking with the art, historical, and political mainstream of his country, he strongly cemented his own conceptual paradigm (while cementing his name as a contemporary Art icon in the process).

In sum, he “dropped” Chinese canonic history status and fame while establishing his own. Some people are contented to namedrop, Ai WeiWei fame-dropped. We love the idea of breaking molds and powering up in the process. Our name was born.

Why do we love this story so much? It’s because we firmly believe that when it comes to building the texture of your life through choices of style and principle – from what’s on your wardrobe to who you want to be today – you are the very artist with the brilliant chance to fame-drop.

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We Believe

That fashion is about vision embodied in brands, but style goes beyond that. It’s about your own name becoming a brand. Style isn’t only what you wear, it’s how you wear it. So, whatever way you approach clothing, own it! Your choices are your choices and that’s what makes you who you are.

Inspiration is reinvention. An idea that changes how the world looks like, even if fleetingly. To be stylish is to stretch a bridge between reality and fiction. Imagination is the quality of the inner artist that lives between your head and heart. Clothes are just another prop for this character. Clothes are a main prop in our day-to-day lives. The curtains were raised for you when you were born. Make the most of it and enjoy!

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