@Paridust, or Fashion-As-Art

FAMEDROP Paridust Instagram Profile


Pari Ehsan is a fashion blogger and art curator at once and the same time. Her trades feed one another. Her blog at Paridust.com is full of bursts of colour, vivid lines, and entrancing angles in images that prove the point that fashion is art and point finale.

An architect and interior designer by formation, Pari Ehsan just has THE eye. Her feed mixes pieces from runway and Art shows. Nearly transparent pastels on a Marc Jacobs thin-strapped dress blend into the purple hues and lines of a 2014 Philippe Decrauzat painting. An embroidered green lace Valentino dress goes against the bright red backdrop of a Sterling Ruby exhibition.

Check her out at @paridust or read her interview with Elle to get the gist on wardrobe as performance.