My Boyfriend’s Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans One Teaspoon


Recently, I expressed a desire to own boyfriend jeans to my real life boyfriend. He said, “Boyfriend what?” Okay, the guy’s not so into woman’s fashion. But he is into asking questions. So, he shot: Why not husband jeans? Above all, what’s romance got to do with it?

I said, well, listen – they’re loose cut slouchy jeans, labeled after the concept of throwing on a pair of oversized denim owned by your boyfriend. I went on to describe the utter comfort of a relaxed cut in a world of skinny denim and the sexual empowerment of possessing an item worn by your lover. I guess I ranted because when I bothered to look up from my own trip, I noticed he was blushing.

The next day I found a pair of men’s denim on top of a pile of my clothes, and suddenly what was once his, became mine. Romance has everything to do with it.