Sultry Cuts: Trendy or Timeless?



Cutouts are around for six seasons in a row with no signs of slowing down. Has the style gone from trendy to timeless and is it time to call it a permanent addition to our wardrobe tools? According to Marie Claire, yes:


Cutouts are the new provocative way to dress is strategically sexy: discreetly peekaboo, transparent but not trashy.


We add to that as it seems that one of the key appeals of the style is the trompe l’oeil effect. Depending on what you reveal and how much, it truly gives the impression of an even more toned, fit body. Basically all body types can achieve a flattering look with the right cutout number.

In addition, cutouts and accompanying overlays (in mesh, lace, and see-through fabrics) add instant glamour and a bite of edge to sleek styles, turning basics intro sultry pieces. No wonder we are all signing up for that!